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Mark Twain IS239 test prep, Bay Academy IS98 test prep
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Mark Twain Entrance Exam Prep

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Computer Science

Mark Twain (IS 239) & Bay Academy (IS 98): Math/Computer and Science Talents

Since 2008, we have been successfully preparing kids for the Math/Computer Talent test and the Science Talent test for entry to Mark Twain and Bay Academy. Our course of study is designed by an MIT alumnus who is so in tune with the message conveyed at the Mark Twain Open House, that for several years in a row, we have assigned questions in October/November that showed up on the Math/Computer test in January/February. Uncanny, but true! We understand the mindset and the direction in which the school has been moving in the past six years or so, and can brag that in some instances, we got there before Mark Twain did. Click here to peruse the class offerings available to our 4th and 5th graders. Advanced 3rd graders are welcome to join us as well.

Because not all New York City schools are created equal, smart students often lack exposure to problem-solving, coding, and 21st Century knowledge of computers and technology. Scientific Method, experimentation, biology, and various science topics are missing from some schools’ curricula. Depth of knowledge and analytical skills in math, computer, and science are often sorely lacking. Yes, your baby is BRIGHT, but the proper level of EXPOSURE is often not there. When students start seeking instruction in September of 5th grade, they are taking on added coursework on top of school work, school projects and homework, and extracurriculars. New information becomes rushed when they need time to mull things over, make connections and apply concepts.  Start early!

How early should I start preparing for Mark Twain Math/Computer and Science?

Our diagnostic tests have proven to be such excellent indicators that several other tutoring services have sent their students to take it.

Math/Computer Talent
Typically, if a student scores a 5 or above on our Math/Computer diagnostic, they do very well on the Twain test if they start in September or October and carry through until the January or February test date. Students who score below 5 on our Math/Computer diagnostic test should start in June or July to make up for gaps in their knowledge base.

Science Talent
Students who score 18 or better on our Science Diagnostic usually do very well on the Twain test if they start in September and carry through until their test date. Students who score below below 18 on our Science Diagnostic usually do well if they start in June or July in order to make up for gaps in their knowledge base.

Our diagnostic tests have been accurate indicators for the past 9 years. In addition to the Diagnostic score, students must be willing to break old habits, complete all homework assignments with thoroughness and attention to detail, miss no sessions, and present with a serious "can do" attitude.

Life Skills: Knowledge does not stand alone, but is supported and enhanced by certain life skills. We make our students keenly aware of those life skills and influence their development. Our approach is holistic and effective, close to 80% of our registered clientele were referred to us by former students.

Beyond the Mark Twain Exam: We currently offer math-technology and science-technology classes to students in grades 4 through 9. Top performers will be invited to join our Young Engineers Math Circle, where they can explore higher level math, including Discrete Mathematics, with subtopics such as Number Theory, Combinatorics, Logic and Graph Theory, and with sub-subtopics such as Modular Arithmetic, Public-key Cryptography, proof by contradiction, proof by induction, and the Pigeonhole Principle. In addition, students discover the depth to which mathematical thinking and math itself drives Computer Science and Technology. Each topic will be taught at grade level. Participants in the Young Engineers Math Circle pay a nominal fee of $288 per semester. Their first major goal will be to prepare for AMC 8 and AMC 10/12. Students hoping to participate in the Fall should take the Entrance Exam in mid-September.


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