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Computer Science


Game Design teaches valuable skills in problem-solving, coding and engineering … plus, it’s fun! It introduces young minds to systems thinking, as they figure out how all the parts of their game must work together, what the rules of the game might be, and its overall complexity. Click on the Computer Science button below or on the Classes tab above for information on how to enroll in this class.

This game was created in SCRATCH.

SCRATCH is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group of the MIT Media Lab.

How to play.

Press green flag to start game; red to stop

Left Arrow: Spin Left
Right Arrow: Spin Right
Up Arrow: Move
Down Arrow: Hyper Space
Space: Shoot
B: Shield

1 Bonus life can be earned per level. (Never more than 5 lives)

3 shield are earned by earning 1000 points after last shields use

*Note: if keyboard controls are not responding click anywhere on the game field to give focus to the game.

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